Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

I want to travel to Paris from Germany this weekend. I booked my tickets via the Deutsche Bahn (DB) website with a "Supersparpreis" (super saver fare) and the train I would take tomorrow is first an ICE (Intercity Express) to Stuttgart and then an ICE from Stuttgart to Paris. It seems this train to Paris is cancelled due to a strike. Additionally, the first train starts half an hour early because of construction on the way.

My question is if, given the circumstances, I can take any train if it just takes me to Paris. The ticket I booked is bound to the train, but if the train does not run, surely I can take another one? I don't really care when I arrive, as long as I make it to Paris by Monday. Could they throw me off the train?

Addition: preferably I would avoid spending hours at the DB Information so they can approve me taking another train.

Update: I gave up and will take the car. Poor climate 🙁