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My wife and I are going to Finland from Mauritius (we are residents of Mauritius) for our holidays this month. We also planned to spend a few days in England. Our plan was as follows: 15th, flight to UK via british airways, flight to Finland by Finnair. Stay in Finland until 25th. 25th, flight to UK via finnair. Stay in UK until 4th april. 4th, flight to Mauritius via british airways.

Due to the spread of the virus in UK, we are thinking that if the situation gets bad we might go directly to Mauritius from Finland on 25th and skip our UK part. We'd get a flight on Emirates to Mauritius from Finland via Dubai.

Is this a possible thing to do despite having bought a two way ticket for both our BA and finnair flights? And should we be informing our airline that we won't be showing up for the return flights?

Not sure how to proceed with the above plan B if we decide to change our plans. Thanks in advance for your answers.