Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I do machine learning projects and I don't like using pymatlab because I make videos and the aesthetics aren't that nice. So I wanted to use Javascript for my visuals because I feel like JavaScript has more to offer when it comes to displaying data nicely.

My ML code is in Python so I tried to fork my process with the parent training my ML model and the child starting up a node server that would update the canvas live. I connected them with a pipe so the processes could communicate so the ML side can update the graph any time there's an update, but I'm having trouble reading from the pipe in JS.

Also, would it be better to just have a node server that's always running on port 3000 or something and accepts socket connections and my ML project would just connect to it and send it the information live? I'm not familiar with how fast sockets update which is why I went with a direct pipe. Any information would be helpful

This is the error code I get when I tried to read the stream for data. Also, I'm sending my data through the pipe as strings with a newline because I'm not always sure how many bytes my data will be and it's just easier to read a line from the pipe and parse it into integers.

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