Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

I am installing an indoor metal frame half wall that will hold a countertop in a bar. The The wall is L shaped and anchored on concrete and against a wall at the top of the 'L'. The long part of the 'L' is 270cm and short side 55cm. Height 110cm.

The counter top is wood covered in copper sheet and weighs aprox. 35 kg. The outside of the wall will have plywood and dry wall.

Inside the L will be a lower (85cm) stainless table and underneath this 2 wine fridges & a drinks fridge.

Space is very tight. '

I am exploring the idea of leaving the inside of the long part of the 'L' wall uncovered below the stainless worktop to use as part of my ventilation space for my appliances?

If this is crazy I'm happy to hear! thank-you.